Local Entrepreneur Creates Bestie Bubbly Sparkling Wine

“Bestie Bubbly was created to celebrate the countless cherished memories I’ve made drinking wine with my best friends. Memories filled with unwavering support, laughter, tears and dancing. It has been in some of those moments, the bonds of true friendship were made and grew stronger. Bestie Bubbly is a celebration of friendship.” 

-Andrea Weigand (Creator of Bestie Bubbly)

Andrea Weigand is a locally based wine entrepreneur out of Churchville, NY. As a server in her 20s, Andrea naturally developed a passion for wine, and began learning more about the subject. As her knowledge grew, she decided that it would be ideal for her to invest in the wine business and create her own company deemed Andrea Maria Wines, LLC in February of 2019. Her Bestie Bubble Rosé launched in November of 2019 and has been an absolute hit in the New York wine market and will be soon expanding to many other states post-pandemic.

On top of owning and operating Andrea Maria Wines with her husband Chuck whom labels and delivers full time for the company, Andrea practices Respiratory Therapy at Strong Memorial Hospital and has been doing so for the past 12 years. Her passion and dedication to the growth of the company with such a demanding job clearly presents itself. Andrea’s love for wine is what initially drove her to be a part of the industry, and it will continue to help her reach new heights within the business.

Andrea plans to expand the company, creating future lines of wine such as Bestie Wine and Bestie Box. Another concept in the works will offer 10% of proceeds on every purchase that will be donated to cancer research, how awesome! Andrea and Chuck are partnering with Andrea’s sister for this project, to help support her sister’s husband, and their father, who have both been effected by cancer. This new line will portray the significance of family and strength, which seem to be more important than ever in today’s world.

Bestie Bubbly Rosé is not only appealing to the eye because of it’s vibrant pink hue or catchy name, it also suits both sweet and dry wine drinkers. For the creation of this sparkling wine, Andrea reached out to wineries all over the country to contract production, and in the process tried over 50 samples until she found exactly what she was in search of at Woodbridge Champagne Cellars, a company based in Lodi, California. Bestie Bubbly is fruit forward and semi-sweet perfectly poured in flutes for toasts with friends and family or by the glass to casually sip. Flavors of peach, strawberry, apricot, and sweet watermelon take over on the palate. With only 2.8% residual sugar, a balance of sweetness and acidity is perfected.

Andrea has experienced her fair share of hardships and complications in the wine business such as obtaining licenses, permits, working on shrink labels, and much more. Her determination, patience and her belief in the success of her product is what makes the process of creating and expanding her company enjoyable, and overall very rewarding. Bestie Bubbly is available at Chili Liquor for $11.99/750ml bottle. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or a mid-week uplift…celebrate with Bestie Bubbly!

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