The Prisoner Experience

Located on the old Franciscan Estate, The Prisoner Wine Company (TPWC) has built its establishment from the ground up on historic Napa territory. The Oakville region of Napa consists of some fairly high-end wineries, including but not limited to TPWC, Robert Mondavi, Cakebread, Silver Oak, and Opus One. It is very hard to come by real estate in Napa Valley, as wineries have been around for many years. Not to mention, the price of land in Napa Valley is extravagant. So, TPWC lucked out with its acquisition of the property that it’s currently located on. And it has created one hell of a wine brand – that also happens to include Lady Gaga’s favorite wine, the Prisoner.

The wines themselves are definitely something special to talk about, but, what attracts many to TPWC is its aesthetic and exterior and interior designs. From the outside of the tasting room, one can see the Napa mountains in the backdrop, and colors of steel gray and crimson red painted all around the building. An enormous white canopy tent is propped up in front of the entrance way, acting as a cool spot for guests to arrive to taste even cooler wines.

When guests arrive, they are first greeted outdoors by a host who will then bring them to their unique tasting area inside the building. At first glance, TPWC tasting room is mesmerizing. The decor is among one of the most unique throughout the wine industry, which allows TPWC to stand out among its competition. Props such as balls and chains and wired and metal furniture pieces set the scene in seating areas. An initial dimly-lit forum with a bar and an aluminum art display are noticed in the main tasting room.

High ceilings with a glass roof make the dining area seem very open. Triangular tables are easily rearranged for bigger parties and come with their own custom built chairs. Every piece of furniture in TPWC tasting room was built using reusable materials from companies who no longer wanted the old, “useless” material. There’s even a kitchen in the back of the dining room, where guests can enjoy freshly prepared appetizers and snacks!

The architect from San Francisco, Matt Hollis collaborated with the Napa designer and fabricator Richard Von Saal to come up with these amazing showrooms. All of the artwork and designs were based off of The Prisoner’s wine label, which was created with early 19th century Spanish artist Francisco de Goya’s work in mind.

The Prisoner Wine Company’s most famous wine, The Prisoner, is not only prefered by Lady Gaga, but also by many Americans. So much, that original creator of The Prisoner, Dave Phinney, sold it and his other original wine Saldo Zinfandel, to Huneeus Vintners for an undisclosed price in 2010. Huneeus Vintners owns Quintessa in Napa, as well as Veramonte in Chile. The idea behind the sale was to collaborate with another family-run business, in which he would remain in control of the long term winemaking and production. In 2016, however, Huneeus Vintners sold the company to Constellation Brands for an astounding $285 Million. Constellation Brands has agreed to work with Huneeus Vintners in order to maintain the wine-making style originally intended.

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