Uncle Jumbo’s Vodka: Bottling our Country’s Spirit

Are you interested in a great vodka but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Behold: Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka. Distilled in Clarence Center, NY, not far from Buffalo and close to Rochester, this family-run company has built its brand around quality and honesty. Uncle Jumbo’s proudly incorporates former President Grover Cleveland on its logo, who also happened to be Mayor of Buffalo before his presidency. He was voted Mayor based upon his honesty and efficiency in office as a Sheriff, and was soon after voted Governor of New York. When Cleveland became president, he went against the grain and made some tough decisions that would ultimately lead to a better future for America. These decisions included implementing the Interstate Commerce Act as well as the Dawes General Allotment Act both in 1887.

Uncle Jumbo’s took its own spin on Grover Cleveland’s respectability, and created its brand with honesty and integrity. The company feeds back into the local businesses surrounding the distillery, including printing the labels in Akron, New York. The vodka that is made at Uncle Jumbo’s is distilled with 100% corn (pictured above in the white bags) sourced throughout the area. It is distilled through 16 double copper plates, and only the finest white enzymes are added to the mash in order to keep the vodka gluten-free. The vodka is passed through the plates 8 times on the first pass, then an additional 16 plates on the second pass. Both the still and mash tun run on steam injection, rather than heated electrically which can burn the grain. All the materials at the distillery are 100% recyclable, which creates for environmentally friendly production. But what is most exciting perhaps, is the water that is used to make the vodka. The water is very pure and clean, almost-creamy like on the finish. This leads to a super smooth and well-rounded vodka. No chlorine or sediment will ever touch the grain that the vodka is made with, and that’s key to distilling a great vodka. A vodka that is not harsh tasting, and one that you don’t have to struggle to swallow. A true American vodka. Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka.

The best part is, you can find Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka for only $19.99/750ml bottle! If you desire a smaller bottle, the straight vodka is available in a pint size, and if you wish for party-sized bottles, a 1.75L magnum bottle is up for sale. Standard, 80 proof vodka has its time and place, however, sometimes you just need a little flavoring. Uncle Jumbo’s offers both a lemon vodka and a berry vodka in bottles, as well as a new blueberry lemonade vodka cocktail in cans. The flavored vodkas are made with 100% natural flavors, without artificial colors, and absolutely no preservatives. Enjoy a bottle of Uncle Jumbo’s today!