Black Button Distilling: A Local Gem

Rochester, NY

Black Button is one of the finest established distilleries in the city of Rochester, NY. Their distillery which features a tasting room is located on Railroad Street, which backs right up to functioning train tracks. With trains passing by in the background, the distillery gives off a somewhat rustic industrial feel that adds to the aesthetic of the spirits created there.

From unique bourbons to crafted vodkas, the Master Distillers at Black Button provide spirit drinkers with products created from almost entirely New York State-sourced ingredients. A small percentage is acquired outside of New York, for example the loganberries in their limited Loganberry Gin, which do not naturally grow in the local climate.

There is a small section at the distillery dedicated to barrel storage, but Black Button has recently expanded and now has two major warehouses which are used for storage of mostly 30 and 53 gallon barrels.

All of the aged whiskey, moonshine, vodka, and gin are distilled right on Railroad Street, in their small production facility. Petite yet very functional, their distillery is packed head to toe with stills, barrels, bottling machines, and other spirit production equipment.

Fermentation Tank and Distillation Columns

Behind the Scenes Equipment and Grain Silos
1,000th Barrel on Display

Featured Items

Citrus Forward Gin

This gin is ideal for a warm summer day! It’s a blend of bitter and sweet orange peels, with subtle notes of Juniper berry. This creates a gin that’s refreshing, light, and crisp. The unique blend of botanicals makes for a newer style of gin, different than classic London-Dry or Juniper-heavy gins. Perfectly mixed with lemon juice, lemon slices, and local honey all poured over ice, Black Button’s Citrus Forward Gin is a crowd pleaser!

Chili Liquor Sale Price: $29.99/750ml

20 Plate Vodka

With wheat sourced locally from around Conesus Lake, NY, this vodka provides a soft mouthfeel. First filtered through four whiskey plates, then an additional 16 vodka plates, Black Button’s vodka is exceptionally smooth. The copper attached to the whiskey still removes most sulfites and the added plates in the vodka still further purify the spirit. 84 Proof, super-refined, crisp, and clean!

Chili Liquor Sale Price: $ 32.99/750ml

Single Barrel Bourbon- Chili Liquor Edition

This Single Barrel Bourbon is distilled from local NY corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley. At 84 proof, this bourbon is very smooth and palatable. Aged for a minimum of 35 months in 23 gallon barrels, Black Button’s bourbon has a persistent oak flavor due to the new charred oak that it was aged in. Subtle caramel notes with a nutty finish creates a spirit desired for late summer nights or fall tailgates. The warming characteristics also make this an ideal bourbon for cold winter nights!

Chili Liquor Sale Price: $49.99/750ml

Lilac Gin

Sweet, aromatic, with notes of warm weather lilac and lily blooms, Black Button’s limited release Lilac Gin is distilled from local wheat and bottled in Rochester just as the other spirits are. On the palate, lavender and citrus are present; and a hint of rose gives a gentle, floral finish. A blend of botanical components including rose, hibiscus, lavender, lilac, juniper, coriander and other botanicals make up this gin. It was designed to be a tribute to Rochester’s Lilac Festival history and rich floral background. This is a highly sought after gin!

Chili Liquor Sale Price: $19.99/375ml-$29.99/750ml

Whatever your palate desires, Black Button has a spirit for you! These featured items are some house favorites, and we can’t get enough of them here at Chili Liquor. Try some for yourself today!

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