5 Valuable Rosé Picks of 2019 (2018 Vintage)

Whatever your price range, make sure to pick up a bottle of delicious and trendy dry rosé! Take a peak at my recommendations for this season.

La Vieille Ferme Rosé

Swooping in at an amazing price of $6.99/750ml, La Vieille Ferme Rosé is a steal! With a pale pink appearance and a fresh and aromatic nose, this rosé brings thoughts of warm summer days to the mind. On the palate, red fruits, subtle flowers, and hints of citrus arise. Gentle sweetness balances out with good acidity in the mouth, finishing with great length. Also available in a 1.5L bottle for $13.99 and a 3L box for $21.99 -Chili Liquor Sale Prices.

Jean-Luc Colombo Rosé

Next up is Jean-Luc Colombo’s Cape Bleue Rosé from France. Blended with 67% Syrah and 33% Mourvèdre, this dry rosé is nicely balanced with elegant spices and fresh fruits. Notes of peach, rose petal, and gentle spice on the nose. On the palate the wine drinker may experience intriguing flavors of raspberries and fresh cherries. This wine pairs great with appetizers, fresh seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Available for $9.99/750ml bottle – Chili Liquor Sale Price.

Acrobat Rosé

This dry rosé from Oregon is a great value. The winemaker states “Acrobat Rosé of Pinot Noir has a beautiful, vibrant hue of pale pink Pinot Noir skins. The nose exudes fresh cut strawberries with lemon zest and oral tinges. The palate is laser focused with bright flavors of fresh strawberries and raspberries, with a pleasant structure of lively, clean acidity. There is an overall striking balance of fresh fruit and structure that begs to be paired with a variety of food, especially cheeses and charcuterie.” Available for $11.99/750ml – Chili Liquor Sale Price.

Âme du Vin Rosé

This dry rosé from Provence, France has expressive notes of fresh apricot, citrus, and jasmine flower that please the senses. Exceptionally balanced and with great length, this wine pairs well with soft cheeses, white meats, and fresh seafood. Due to its versatility is can also be served as an aperitif. Available for $12.99/750ml bottle – Chili Liquor Sale Price.

AIX Rosé

Another dry rosé from Provence, France! This Grenache Blanc, Cinsault, and Syrah blend is fresh and fragrant with hints of strawberry, watermelon & flowers. On the palate this wine is dry and acidic, with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and a smooth mineral finish. Available for $18.99/750ml – Chili Liquor Sale Price.

Kick off your summer with any of these great dry rosé picks! #spillthejuice #thewinespill