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Victorianbourg Winery, Niagara Wine Trail.

     Hello there! My name is Jessica and I’ve decided to create a wine blog with the help of my long time wine-loving father, Jim (pictured below). Together our experience in the wine business amounts to over 50 years. Growing up in Western New York I have been able to enjoy our wine-growing region, while also helping to grow my family-owned retail business. Chili Discount Liquor is located on the West side of Rochester and we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary of being in business (over 40 years at the current store). My father and I share a passion of sports, travel, good food, and especially good wine. I have learned so much from him over the years that I wanted to share my knowledge and recommendations with the world. I hope you find my material exciting and worthwhile to read!

Thanks for stopping by,

Jessica Lepore

Creator of The Wine Spill

Jim Lepore

Owner of Chili Liquor

3218 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624


  1. Hi Jessica!
    I see you’re familiar with Black Button. I took their course in distillation, but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. The thought of hiding a still out here at Seven Springs makes me smile.
    It’s that kinda place.
    Nice blog!


    1. Hi Wayne! Black Button has some really great spirits–their bourbon keeps getting better and better with each batch. One of my favorites is their bourbon cream. If I had some land I would probably do that too…haha!


  2. I enjoyed reading about Tullamore Dew and the historical significance of their family owned operation. I’ll be sure to enjoy a Tully and ginger tonight, to help deal with the cold weather.

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